The Department of Industry is not currently accepting or processing applications for the Skills Connect Fund, while the Government is reviewing funding arrangements ahead of the Federal Budget in May 2014.

The Australian Government is working to deliver an Industry led skills and training system.

The VET reforms are focussed on ensuring Industry has a skills system that is responsive, streamlined and outcome driven.

The Government is committed to skills and training delivering jobs and productivity, not training for training’s sake.

If you have any questions regarding this advice in relation to the Skills Connect Fund, please contact the Skills Connect Fund mail box at  SkillsConnect@industry.gov.au

Skills Connect Engaging with Business

The Skills Connect website provides a comprehensive range of resources to assist business owners and managers with planning for workforce development as a business strategy. The website also contains workforce development tools and information to assist businesses to determine whether they are eligible for funding support.

There are case studies showcasing the programs or the work of service providers, quick reference program guides, further information about workforce development and all of the web links and contact details for the Skills Connect National Network. This network is the frontline for advising businesses about specific eligibility for Skills Connect programs and funding support.

Skills Connect Employer Service Guarantee

This Service Guarantee is a commitment about the services that Skills Connect will provide. It outlines the service standards we set and how feedback is received. The standards in this Guarantee are consistent with the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct and form the basis of evaluating and reporting on our service.

We aim to continually improve its customer service. The quality of this service is reviewed regularly in the context of continuous improvement. Further information on our Employer Service Guarantee is available.

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